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About EDD


The EllisDon DIVCO (EDD) Joint Venture was developed in 2010 to address the Mission Critical Market for the Province of Quebec.

Their proven processes, systems and tools, and technical leadership ensures that EDD is not only a Mission Critical builder committed to operational excellence, but also a leader in all facets of the Mission Critical market sector.



EDD’s dedicated Mission Critical & Pharmaceutical Sector Leaders have completed over $1B in Mission Critical work, including over $200M of work in operating facilities.

Their project staff team members have extensive experience in the Mission Critical market sector. They also have equipment and system procurement expertise. In addition, EDD is able to provide continuity of Senior Staff Members within the Mission Critical market sector.

EDD also has a Corporate Expert Technical Support team, which includes 10 dedicated Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, 5 dedicated Mechanical and Electrical Estimators, and Commissioning Expertise. These resources are available to our project teams throughout the entire construction process.

In addition to the experience mentioned above, EDD has also acquired experience and expertise in prefabricated and modular construction.


In Mission Critical Work

$200 M

In Operating Facilities


Dedicated M&E Engineers


Mechanical and Electrical Estimators

The Team

James Zippel
SVP Business Development

Dan Jolivet
Managing Director

Wayne Leduc
Director of Operations

Adam Turner
Managing Director


  • Preconstruction - Budget & Procurement Services
  • Project Controls - weekly updated change notice logs, monthly budget reports, quarterly project reviews, and risk registry
  • Risk Management - risk registry, and risk management guidelines
  • Scope Tracker
  • Virtual Design & Construction Services
  • In-house Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Expert Oversight
  • Project Scheduling
  • BIM Integration with Last Planner & Site Control
  • CSA Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • MEP Quality Assurance & Commissioning
  • Prefabrication & Modular Construction

EllisDon and Divco

EllisDon is a world-leading construction and building services company that completes in excess of $3.5 billion worth of contracts annually, in every market sector and across the globe. Over the last 67 years, we’ve grown from being a general contractor to a multi-faceted company that can deliver any aspect of a project. For more information, please visit www.ellisdon.com

Well-known throughout the construction industry for the quality of its achievements and its more than 50 years of experience, DIVCO has made a name for itself in Eastern Canada’s construction industry. The comprehensive number of office buildings, industrial, institutional, retail, and commercial projects, as well as major renovation and restoration projects we have completed, have allowed the company to develop its unique approach based on flexibility, proactivity and creativity. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is, without question, our primary commitment. For more information, please visit www.divco.ca

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